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As you may know, for many years I’ve been allowing free use of Adipositivity photographs as reference for visual artists (as long as the resulting art is not used for commerce or ridicule). I’ve always wanted to collectively promote these artworks in a digital gallery. Well. I awoke the other day with an even better idea. AN ART CONTEST! THE WINNERS OF WHICH WILL FILL THE 2023 ADIPOSITIVITY CALENDAR! Aaaaand there’ll be a digital gallery. Also prizes!

Artists of any age/gender/size/style/country/skill level, working in any non-photographic visual medium are eligible, and may submit work created at any time. You must own the rights to the art, and you must have used an Adipositivity image as reference.

Each of the creators of the 12 artworks chosen will get a free 2023 Adipositivity calendar, and a link to your art website will appear on the calendar page at, which remains until it’s replaced by the following year’s calendar. Images of the artworks will also appear in their own gallery on the Adipositivity site, with monthly rollout, to remain indefinitely.

AND! One of the 12 will be selected by online randomizer to also win a pristine hardcover copy of the *rare* book, Women of Substance, filled with magnificent photographs of fat women, by the late, great photographer Patricia Schwarz. (As of this writing, there are five or six used copies available online for up to $140.)

Make a jpg file of your signed art that will work for 8.5x11 landscape format. The image should be the largest size / highest resolution possible. If you need guidance with this, don’t hesitate to ask.

Allow for a standard amount (roughly a smidge) of printing bleed and spiral binding across the bottom. Place your signature accordingly.

Artists must agree to allow Substantia Jones and The Adipositivity Project to publish and sell images of your piece in the 2023 calendar and as a photo print on the project’s website. Profits will go toward supporting the project. Do not submit if this isn’t cool with you. The original piece remains yours, and if you’d like to offer it for sale, you’re encouraged to do that on your website, as it’ll be promoted many times during calendar season.

Submitting artists must let me know which Adipositivity image you’ve used or are using as reference by no later than 10/5/2022. The purpose of this pre-deadline deadline is so that no artists cancel each other out.

If you’re submitting a piece that’s already complete, it’ll behoove you to notify me if the reference image right away. In this case, I may allow use of a reference image by more than one artist, but I’m hoping to avoid this.

Send your submission (in the highest resolution jpg possible) via email to adipositivity “at” gmail “dot” com, with ‘ART CONTEST’ in all caps in the subject line. If you read this whole-ass shebang, you know you’ll be sending two emails before two deadlines. Both should have the same subject line. Same for any questions you’d rather not ask here. Asking here (‘here’ being Adipositivity or Substantia Jones Facebook or Instagram accounts) is preferable, as others may have the same questions. Also it helps kick the shadowbans in the taint. No DMs.

If you’re submitting art you’ve already worked on or completed, and you’ve already posted it on the soche, no sweat. But otherwise, it’s better not to post your piece until after either the calendar drops, or you’re (gently) notified you’re not a winner.

Deadline for letting me know which image you’re using (or have used) as reference is Wed, 10/5/2022, 11:59pm Eastern. But the sooner, the better, in case of duplication! I’ll respond to these right away, so you can jolly well get on with it.

Deadline for submitting the hi-res image of your finished piece is Wed, 10/26/2022, 11:59pm Eastern.

No slimming of Adiposers.

I reserve the right to pull the contest if not enough artists respond by 10/5/2022, letting me know which reference image they’re working on, or have completed.

If the dimensions of the image file you submit don’t quite work for the calendar’s 8.5x11 image size and landscape format, but are close enough, your image will need to be cropped by either you or me. Your choice.

Requests that winning artworks be included anonymously will be honored, but *I* have to know who you are in order to verify that you own the rights to the artwork you’re submitting, and order you a copy of the calendar. But wow, can I ever keep a secret. Just ask the hundreds of anonymous Adiposers.

The judging will be done by a small group of anonymous jurists. No campaigning!

For the purposes of printmaking, the color and/contrast of your image may be adjusted a wee bit.

Again, note that by submitting the image of your piece, you are agreeing to allow Substantia Jones and The Adipositivity Project to include it in the 2023 wall calendar and sell prints of it, to benefit the project. MANY THANKS FOR THIS CONTRIBUTION TO THE FAT LIBERATION PHOTO-ACTIVISM CAMPAIGN!

Please share the hell outta this link!
Know any artists who may be interested? Kindly hit them up! Preesh!

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