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Created 14-Apr-16
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I’ve heard so many stories--from Adiposers and from the folks who write to me--about the angsty, heartbreaking push and pull they experienced as teens buying clothes with a parent. Being that prom season is upon us, I’ve come up with a FITTING ROOM PARENT TRANSLATOR.

Fashion Retailers: Print this and post it in your dressing rooms, why don’t ya? G’head! You may never know how much good it’ll do.

Non-Retailers: Print it, stash a couplefew in your bag, maybe with a roll of tape (the gentle, non-destructive sort, please). Next time you’re in a dressing room, adorn the wall with one. Maternal intervention, guerilla style!

If you’d like to hear me squeal, take a picture of said adorned wall, post it on social media, and tag me. I’ll squeal. Or at least smile really big. Nah, I’ll probably squeal. And maybe you’ll inspire other folks to do the print-n-tape thing.

Happy Shopping!

Substantia Jones

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