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What has acrylic paint, oil pastels, watercolor, graphite, collage, digital media, gouache, colored pencil, hand-carved lino, Nepalese paper, oil-based ink, golden watercolor, and a dozen works of art by 11 artists from 5 countries, each using an Adipositivity image as reference? The 2023 Adipositivity Project Wall Calendar, that’s what! Welcome to the inaugural photo-free edition, featuring pieces created by artists who submitted them to our first-ever calendar art contest, the winners of which are flattened into these glossy pages, waiting to jolly well tell you what day it is. All year long.

Fat nudes for the purposes of titillation or hate aren’t hard to find. (Nothin’ wrong with titillation, but hate can eat my shorts.) However! Non-exploitative, respectfully captured photographs of naked fat people just being naked fat people are too rare. Many years ago, after happily approving countless artists’ requests to use my photographs as reference for their art, I began putting the word out that any artist may do so, as long as it’s not used for commerce or ridicule. My aim has always been to normalize positive and neutral depictions of fat people with my photographs. So any art using my work as its inspiration only amplifies that mission, yes? Thus was the motivation for the 2023 Adipositivity Wall Calendar: Artists Edition! If you dig it, let me know. We’ll do it again. Me? I dig it. A lot.

Peruse the prints from the calendar below, each one alongside the Adipositivity photo the artist used as reference. Click any image to see the artist information, or to purchase the print. Artist details are also on the calendar's back cover.

This year's side beneficiary is Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Kay Hyatt (any pronouns), UK
David "Moko" James (he/him), US
Fat Joy Ink (she/her), France
Aurofa’I (they/them), US
Hally Thornton (she/her), US
Nisha Patel (she/her), Treaty 6 Territory, Canada
Chantel Clausen (they/them), Canada
Jody Linn (she/her), Canada
Hayley Jackson-Telford (she/her/them/they/ia), Aotearoa / New Zealand
Ivy Cardinal (she/her), Canada
Allison Tunis (she/they), Canada

This calendar is dedicated to the memory of Cat Pausé. I can't believe I got this whole-ass calendar from inception to folks' walls without your noodging and spreadsheets, Cat. To quote your last words to me, I love ya, you fat bitch.

Enjoy your calendar. Enjoy your 2023. And thank you for supporting The Adipositivity Project every year since 2007!


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