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What has 27 zebras, a pair of Fosse hands, one pretty serious snog, bright bitch-red lipstick, an adorned belly button, an adorned ankle, a string of pearls that has nothing to do with either of the above, a non-gratuitous shower scene, not one but TWO communing underwater frolics, True Love so deep an award-winning documentary was made about it, one literal pile of beautiful post-shoot abundance, and a buoyant finale from someone who's gotta decide between now and hitting the 'post' button whether she's really disclosing to the world that that's her god-given ass on the back cover? It's the new Adipositivity Project 2022 Wall Calendar, that's what! 15th Anniversary Edition! 27 mostly jaybirded up Adiposers, here to contribute to fat visibility and encourage a deeper dive into body politics. And in honor of this milestone, this year's calendar images were 100% voted in by YOU, selected from the 800-image archive.

You did a great job. Give y'self a hand!

This year's front cover is in honor of the late Dr. Sheltreese McCoy, activist, academic, and mover of mountains, devoted to establishing systems to help queer and trans People of Color push back against discrimination in higher education. Among other things. Treese was also an out and proud repeat Adiposer. The last day we spent together, we positioned two comfy chairs face-to-face at an open window overlooking a busy NYC street and talked about language, Communism, activism, and sex. It was like an "In Conversation With" you'd pay 20 bucks to attend, except one of us was naked and we had our feet resting on each other's chairs. (Pausing to think how great it would be if every In Conversation With made use of this set-up.) I miss those talks and that electric smile nearly every damn day. If you'd like to learn more (but not everything!) about Dr. McCoy, hit up and/or Google. You'll truly be inspired by Treese's signiff accomplishments.

The calendar's side beneficiary this year is again World Central Kitchen, feeding the world's hungry and the disaster-stricken with respect for both survival and comfort.

Some of these photographs were taken with the financial assistance of The Adipositivity Project's Patreon patrons, The Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity, and folks who buy the calendars. I'm forever in their debt. And whether you know it or not, so are you.

The publisher's base price has jumped significantly (for obvious reasons). I've split the difference with you. Do me a solid? Buy soon and buy lots! Your mom needs one. Your sizeist sister does. Imagine discussing Fat Liberation over tea with your Nana, beneath her new kitchen calendar. Snag 'em before New Year's and I'll be your best friend forever.


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