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The Adipositivity Project 2021 Wall Calendar comes with a story. A while back, a fellow fat activist with whom I have a regular Zoom hang asked when the new calendar would be released. I told her there wouldn't be one this year, as the pandemic (and the science fiction happening in my upper GI) have prevented me from shooting since February. Instead of soothing me, she insisted I make a calendar happen. She said too many people are counting on it, and any element of normalcy which can be safely produced, should be. She was not accepting any excuses. So. I set about pawing through years and years of shoots looking for calendar-worthy images I'd not used, and worked my fingers to the bone compiling them. My bony fingers* and I are thrilled to present... The 2021 Adipositivity Calendar!

Like an overdue baby, it's late, and I love it a hell of a lot more than I expected to.

The printer has done some re-tooling since last year. Some things are better (color/contrast accuracy), and others, not so much (no more preview on the Lulu page). One less than happy "upgrade" is in order to edit any element of the calendar, it appears you have to re-enter the whole shebang. So when I did this for what I hoped would be the final time, I didn't "hide" the listing. I was 99% certain the edit was perfect, and I wanted to be ready to post the link immediately, once the final edit was overnighted to me. I didn't think anyone would find it, without my posting the link on my site or on social media. Welp, here's a smidge of evidence my fat activist friend was right about people needing their routines. A handful of folks from half a dozen countries managed to find and purchase their new Adipositivity calendar before it was released. Freaked me out a little bit, but also made me smile.

Thank you for supporting the Adipositivity Project with your calendar purchases every year. And as always, many thanks to the Adiposers, especially the ones displaying their righteous unapologeticliciousness in the calendar. You are the wind beneath my wings an' shit.

So without any further ado... What has a tropical garden, a pensive gaze (okay, two pensive gazes), a gleeful growl at the sun, more wrought iron lawn furniture than perhaps you've ever seen in one place, a smiling torso, a b'jiggety canoodle of schmoop-schmoops, an outshining of autumnal foliage, a Vegas showgirl, a ukelele Punk band, a reluctantly opened bottle of bubbly, a f'realz card-carrying sun goddess, fake blood, Tiny Tim, suburbia sneaking up on paradise, not one not two but four Mary Lous, and unapologetically fat Adiposers from six nations? AND all the fun holidays including Fat Tuesday, the Adipositivity 14th Anniversary, and International No Diet Day? The 2021 Adipositivity Project Wall Calendar, that's what! Snag ya one today!

This year's side beneficiary is again World Central Kitchen, helping to feed the world's hungry.

Purchase here:

*Not to worry. I've still got Cabbage Patch hands.

Substantia Jones