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What has an ocean, a copycat, a first, a street, a beach, a hillside, a crimson crinoline, 2 couches, couple o’ beds, 3 continents, a handful of bare badonks, several exuberant exclamations, 36 stairs, 14 unapologetic naked (or mostly naked) fat people, and someone standing on their head? The new 2018 Adipositivity Wall Calendar, that’s what!

FEATURES: All the days. No exagge. I counted ‘em. Standard US holidays and the holiest of days, Fat Tuesday, International No Diet Day, and the Adipositivity Project’s 11th Anniversary (!). Twelve new, never-before-seen images by photographer Substantia Jones (that's me). Proceeds go toward keeping the Adipositivity Project kickin’ (and this year’s side beneficiary is GlobalGiving, for their Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands).

AND NEW THIS YEAR! A companion Valentine Series calendar! Guh!

The Adipositivity Project 2018 Wall Calendar:
Adipositivity’s Valentine Series 2018 Wall Calendar:

And hey, please post on social media a shot of your calendar/s when hung, will ya? And tag me? (@adipositivity) I dig seeing your walls!

NOTE FOR THOSE OUTSIDE THE US: Select your country (or the closest to you) from this list: and once there, enter ‘adipositivity’ in the search field and poof! Fat folks stuck to a calendar!

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