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What has crashing waves, towering flames, a baker’s dozen nipples, a bare badonk or two, a decommissioned post office, three musical instruments, 715 books, couplefew fountains, ‘bout a dozen fish, one gay bar, a sari, a bottle of mouthwash, a wall of fat, a real live roadrunner hiding in the bushes, Snoopy (hiding less effectively), a pergola, a parasol, a yard sale, 32 Adiposers from six continents, and Ganesha? The new 2017 Adipositivity Wall Calendar, that’s what!

All the dates. No exagge. I counted ‘em. They’re all there.
All standard US holidays, including the icky ones.
Also those most revered of holy days, Fat Tuesday, International No Diet Day, and the Adipositivity Project’s 10th Anniversary. (!)
Room to write in when your period’s due, your Nana’s birthday, and which nights you’re scheduled to make sweet weekly love.
12 new, never-before-seen Adipositivity images. I flew to the other side of the planet to take some of these photos. And boy are my arms tired.

Every freaking penny of profit goes toward defraying some of the costs of keeping the Adipositivity Project alive, so stuff ya some stockings with these things. You’ll be supporting fat activism, body positivity, and pushback against bigoted patriarchal jackwaddery. Plus it’s all pretty an’ shit.

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